Racing Name: Hazelwood Fainne

Date of Birth: April 2019

Hasn’t stopped wagging her short tail since she came in the gate, got to love this girly 🙂 Came in with her brother Arrow and whilst not the most aesthetically pleasing at the moment with her shaggy coat, we are sure she will turn into the proverbial swan. Whilst much smaller than him, she is definitely the brains of the duo. Loving her walks in our local woods and behaving like a proper little lady 🙂 Just like her brother, was super excited to meet Bugley the terrier but was over loving rather than any hostility. Although she’s not been yet, we’re sure she’s going to love the park and the big wide world beyond the kennels – but is the world ready for this over happy girl lol. If you want fun Bow could be your perfect match 🙂

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