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  • Chloe

    Racing Name: Leave This Town

    Date of Birth: June 2017

    Chloe or Queen Chloe as she is known is a real diamond πŸ™‚ She has had a litter of pups and somehow this gives her a serene and gentle aura. Had to wrestle this one from her trainer as she was much loved, but she deserves a home and family of her own. A super girly who loves everyone but kinda knows she’s special lol . Obviously used to pups so barely glanced at Bugley the terrier before accepting him as one of her many admirers πŸ™‚ Looking for a special home for this girl where she can continue to be revered as she has gotten used to lol

  • Cruella

    Racing Name: Valleys Devil

    Date of Birth: September 2021

    Cruella wasn’t cut out for racing – far too scatty to concentrate for that long lol A great young girl who shares her joy de vivre with all and sundry πŸ™‚ Can’t help but love this girl, her happiness is infectious! Cruella may be a bit of a handful to start with but she has a shy side and this may help the transition to a home. Got to love her coz she loves you πŸ™‚

  • Diva

    Racing Name: Perfecto Diva

    Date of Birth: June 2020

    A diva she is not! A lovely, fun and playful girly once she gets to know you but can be initially shy on first meetings and has found the real world just a little scary. She learns quickly and has already made huge leaps in confidence since she has been here and has been exposed to new things. A lovely little girl who ideally would prefer a rural or semi rural home and someone who can give her the time and confidence she needs to make the transition from racer to pet. Diva will definitely repay you tenfold, a super hound πŸ™‚

  • Dory

    Racing Name: Annagh Rosie

    Date of Birth: May 2020

    Dory is a bit of a scruff bag at the moment but will blossom once she loses her winter woollies πŸ™‚ A great girl who is confident enough but not over the top. A happy girly who walks well once the initial excitement is over and is enjoying her walks a lot. Dory is a super likeable and uncomplicated girl who, we are sure will make a great companion, either as an only dog or with company. Nothing bad to say about this girl πŸ™‚

  • Fab

    Racing Name: Burnpark Patsy

    Date of Birth: January 2021

    What a beautiful girl πŸ™‚ Her picture really doesn’t do her justice, she is eye catching with her snowflake, brindle coat. Litter sister to Max who also has the snowflakes and the super temperament. A friendly, happy soul who is slightly scatty on first introductions but soon settles and walks like a dream. Play bowed and tried to get Bugley the terrier to play, he was up for it but she was on her lead, so they’ll have to wait for their game til later. Can’t foresee a problem with her living with another breed, so long as they like a game πŸ™‚

  • Hilda

    Racing Name: Birchgrove Hilda

    Date of Birth: November 2020

    A bubbly little girl, who walks nicely, loves attention and one you can’t but like πŸ™‚ Not a big girl in size but big in personality. Hilda is not an overly scatty girl and has confidently handled everything new she’s seen and done so far. New in and yet to venture out to the local parks but think she will be a good girl when her turn comes – will let you know πŸ™‚

  • Minnie

    Racing Name: Minnie

    Date of Birth: April 2022

    A lovely little girl and still very young. Not the bravest girl in the world but does find comfort from a confident friend. Understands kennel life and doesn’t put a foot wrong but she does find new things worry her initially. Needs a confident person and may be happier with a confident doggy pal, not necessarily a greyhound, subject to introductions. A super youngster who, in the right hands, will blossom into a great pet πŸ™‚

  • Patsy

    Racing Name: Run on Patsy

    Date of Birth: March 2020

    A pretty little girl but a big personality! Patsy loves humans and is a real love bug. Quick to reprimand any grey or any dog (the reaction is the same to any breed) who invades her space, just a warning to leave her alone. Settles well with her kennel mates once she has set down the boundaries, knows her own mind this girl πŸ™‚ Can be a little strong out walking as she loves a squirrel! Not a super difficult girl, just needs some time and rules.

  • Ruby

    Racing Name: Ballyea Ruby

    Date of Birth: July 2019

    A stunning looking girl who knows her own mind! A sweet girl but she knows what she likes, funny how the girls are always the opinionated ones lol. Is a sensitive soul when it comes to the cold but once she’s snuggly in her coat, walks well on our local walk, yet to get out and about but will keep you posted. Has met the terrier and was interested but not in a bad way, maybe just needs more exposure, which we are working on. An intelligent girl who needs some time and guidance but will make a great pet in the right home πŸ™‚

  • Sally

    Racing name: Security Sally

    Date of Birth: October 2020

    Don’t need to wax lyrical about her looks, her photo speaks for itself! A lovely girl, has met the little uns and behaved extremely well. Has been out and about quite a lot with one of our volunteers and has behaved beautifully not phased by anything so far, has also had a couple of sleepovers and has been settled and well behaved although given the chance she likes the home comforts of a sofa or even a human bed!! If you’re looking forΒ  hound about town Sally could be your girl πŸ™‚

  • Topaz

    Racing Name: Aulton Jewel

    Date of Birth: July 2020

    Bit of a stunner our Topaz and she knows it! Can be quite demanding of attention but a super sweet girl once she gets you hooked πŸ™‚ She is a larger lady but who cares with that face?? Walks well out in the woods, although she likes a squirrel but hasn’t ventured out yet, will update once she has. Met the terrier and couldn’t care less, thought he was quite fun actually. A likeable girly who loves her food and although very new has settled well. Keep your eye on this one!

  • Whitney

    Racing Name: Hollyoak Whitney

    Date of Birth: October 2018

    Acts like a 2 year old does our Whitney, think she’s still decompressing from being a racing girl to a retired one. However she walks nicely and enjoys a good fuss. She was over-excited by our little dogs but we think she needs time to adjust to retirement and enjoy the slower pace of life it brings. A bright girl who picks things up quickly so we’ve every hope that with a bit of guidance and patience she can morph into her inner couch potato lol.