Home a Hound

Home a Hound

Meet the four-legged members of the Dunrunnin family! Each of our current residents has their own profile where you can read about their individual personalities, likes and dislikes.

We’re very fond of all our dogs and we pride ourselves on how well we get to know them during their stay with us. We think this knowledge is the key to matching a greyhound to their new home successfully.

Whether you live in a flat in a busy town or in the country, whether you have a large family of children or live alone, whether you work full time or are home all day, whether you already have cats and dogs or whether this will be your very first pet, the Dunrunnin rehoming team will work with you to help you to choose a greyhound that will be best suited to your individual circumstances.

If you could offer a loving home to one of the following dogs, please pay us a visit to come and meet them in person!

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