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  • Barley

    Racing Name: Lightfoot Rouble

    Date of Birth: March 2021

    Barley is just a young chap but quite a large lad and definitely larger than life in character πŸ™‚ A super happy chap who can get over-excited but walks well once you get him out of the gate. Loves a fuss and gives the best cuddles. Quite a bright lad for a greyhound so would flourish in a home where his enthusiasm can be tapped and re-directed towards learning new things. Can be quite a dominant character, so a home with no children. Maybe not for first time owners but quite an easy boy for the initiated πŸ™‚

  • Bestie

    Racing Name: Yahoo Best

    Date of Birth: September 2021

    Bestie is beyond shy on initial meetings, the world is such a scary place πŸ™ Can’t imagine how he got on racing tbh, he did only have 8 races and didn’t win any of them – guess that’s why such a young lad has ‘retired’. He is however a super looking little chap and after a few days has started greeting me with enthusiasm and a super waggy tail, so just needs the right person to gain his trust and help him with the transition from kennel dog to the perfect pet. Needs a quieter home with no or older children who can respect his initial reticence. May benefit from a confident dog already in the home to show him the ropes, not necessarily a grey. As his name suggests we think he will make the BEST pet in the right home πŸ™‚

  • Candy

    Racing Name: Magnificent kane

    Date of Birth: October 2019

    Another from a litter we know lots about. So far she seems as wonderful as her siblings and parents πŸ™‚ Great out walking but does need a doggy companon, not necessarily a greyhound (subject to introductions). And to add to all ths she’s a real beauty πŸ™‚ If fault is to be found it s that she can be a fussy eater but we have managed to get her to eat here with a tasty topper, she’s loving sardines at the moment πŸ™‚ A lovely girl who, we are sure will make a great pet πŸ™‚

  • CC

    Racing Name: Crystal Cherrie

    Date of Birth: March 2020

    Now have a new photo of this girl, needed a bit of time when she first came to us and is now sporting a lovely shiny black coat. Everyone loves CC she has character, is a cuddle bunny and walks nicely on her walks round here. Has just started going out and about and is loving her excursions and so far has been keen but well behaved. We have put in some work with other breeds and she is learning to ignore the pesky little doggies like the true lady she is. Hard not to like this girl πŸ™‚

  • Champ

    Racing Name: Maree Champion

    Date of Birth: August 2021

    What a handsome boy and although quite enthusiastic, he has good manners to go with his good looks. Loves his walks and walks well, so fast becoming a favorite with the walkers – it’s always nice when they are obviously having a good time πŸ™‚ We’ve not had time to get him out and about yet but he took meeting the terrier in his stride, so high hopes for this chap.

  • Chas

    Racing Name: Charlie Emtrynie

    Date of Birth: October 2019

    No I haven’t spelt his name wrong – who thinks these up?? Looks a bit serious in his picture but not in real life. A happy, charming boy, a big lad but luckily has good manners and walks well for our volunteers. Very new in and just as recently retired from racing, so would have expected him to be a bit sharper than the well adjusted boy he’s been so far. Met the terrier and wasn’t fussed by him and has been nothing but polite with his kennel mate. Early days but so far can’t fault this chap πŸ™‚ Another to keep an eye on!

  • Crumble

    Racing Name: No Detail

    Date of Birth: August 2020

    What a striking lad he is, despite having a stump for a tail! A happy chap who loves his walks and life in general πŸ™‚ Not been out to the park yet but guess he’ll find that as exciting as he does everything else! Can jump up for a β€˜cuddle’ so maybe not with younger children as he doesn’t understand not everybody appreciates his brand of affection πŸ™‚

  • Dean

    Racing Name: Stradeen Azzurro

    Date of Birth: May 2018

    What a charming little (well for a boy he is) chap he is. A sociable but well mannered chap around the kennels and yet another who barely looked twice at our terrier πŸ™‚ Can be a little over enthusiastic when he first goes out for his walk but soon settles and then walks nicely. Early days so we hope the initial excitement will wear off. A really genuine, likeable lad – becoming a favorite already πŸ™‚

  • Dobby

    Racing Name: Headford Lad

    Date of Birth: April 2020

    What a nice young dog. Walks really well and is super friendly. Dobby has a mohican thing going on and I can’t quite take him seriously, or look at him without smiling πŸ™‚ Still settling in and showing us more of his cheeky side every day. So much to like about this handsome chap. Not yet been out away from the kennels but doubt he’ll do anything but amuse and delight us πŸ™‚

  • Jovi

    Racing Name: Call Back Jack

    Date of Birth: October 2019

    Already on the favorites list from our volunteers to walk, a happy chap who couldn’t be more polite on his lead and around the kennels. Not big for a boy but what he lacks in stature he makes up for in manners. Tested well with the terrier, in fact couldn’t care less!! New in but another we are struggling to find fault with. We’re sure he’s going to make a super addition to someones household πŸ™‚

  • Mo

    Racing Name: Inamo

    Date of Birth: October 2020

    It’s definitely not in a mo, it’s now!! A little whirlwind is our Mo, knows her mind and sets out to get it, at full speed! Makes her sound like a monster but you can’t help but love her, even if she does have her paws round your neck at the time! If you want fun, Mo is your girl πŸ™‚

  • Mondee

    Racing Name: Justin Time

    Date of Birth: June 2017

    What a strikingly handsome chap he is πŸ™‚ A big boy, but has been so polite both around kennels and out and about. Doesn’t really like to share his kennel but is immaculately clean and loves his bed (i know that feeling πŸ™‚ ) Can be a little stressed if too much is going on in the kennels but when it’s quiet he’s a chilled lad. His only ‘hang up’ is he doesn’t like his belly touched, not aggressive just screams the place down. He will be lifted but not from underneath. Maybe he’s just protecting his manhood?? lol A quieter home with older children perhaps for this super boy.

  • Patsy

    Racing Name: Run on Patsy

    Date of Birth: March 2020

    A pretty little girl but a big personality! Quick to reprimand any grey who invades her space, just a warning to leave her alone. Settles well with her kennel mates once she has set down the boundaries, knows her own mind this girl πŸ™‚ Can be a little strong out walking as she loves a squirrel! Walked in a harness which sorts this out. Not a super difficult girl, just needs some time and rules. Early days and she is settling down already.

  • Roman

    Racing Name: Lightfoot Roman

    Date of Birth: March 2021

    Just a young chap but he is a whopper πŸ™‚ A little shy on first meetings with new people but soon comes out of himself. He is benefitting from being walked by a different volunteer almost every time – all people are meaning walks now lol. Shares his kennel with a feisty female and doesn’t turn a hair at her bullying antics. Was good with Bugley (the terrier) after the initial excitement, walks nicely in our woods an all round lovely hound. If you’ve room on your sofa for a Big Un, Roman could be the one for you!!

  • Ruby

    Racing Name: Ballyea Ruby

    Date of Birth: July 2019

    A stunning looking girl who knows her own mind! A sweet girl but she knows what she likes, funny how the girls are always the opinionated ones lol. Is a sensitive soul when it comes to the cold but once she’s snuggly in her coat, walks well on our local walk, yet to get out and about but will keep you posted. Has met the terrier and was interested but not in a bad way, maybe just needs more exposure, which we are working on. An intelligent girl who needs some time and guidance but will make a great pet in the right home πŸ™‚

  • Sally

    Racing name: Security Sally

    Date of Birth: October 2020

    Don’t need to wax lyrical about her looks, her photo speaks for itself! A lovely girl, quite new in but has settled immediately and so far hasn’t put a foot wrong. Has met the little uns and behaved extremely well. Living with anothr female grey, which shows what a nice natured girly she is. Yet to venture out but would be surprised if she didn’t do well – watch this space πŸ™‚

  • Sam

    Racing Name: King Sam

    Date of Birth: May 2018

    What a handsome (and huge!!) chap our Sam is. He is a real delight around kennels and will tolerate even the feistiest of kennel mates, bless him. Walks like a dream on our local wood walk and is forever a cheerful and upbeat kinda guy. Was a little over-enthusiastic when meeting our little dog crew but just needs some more exposure and to just get used to the real world. Maybe not for first titme dog owners but the little dog thing is really the only fault we can find. We will be working on this with him – watch this space!

  • Seb

    Racing Name: Scotchrath Sebus

    Date of Birth: June 2019

    Seb has been retired a while, just waiting for a space in a homing kennel. He’s obviously spent his time eating well !! A bit of an unfit chubster at the moment but he loves his walks and we’re sure he’ll be back in shape soon. A super sweet chap who it is easy to fall in love with. A real softie who drew the short straw with his kennel mate but endures her sniping with good grace like the gentleman he is. Has met Bugley and took it in his stride, not yet fit enough to venture out but it won’t be long before he can bestow his charm on the outside world. Can’t fault this chap so far πŸ™‚

  • Socket

    Racing Name: Four Way Socket

    Date of Birth: April 2021

    Socket is a tall, lanky lad but still very young so hopefully he will fill out and stop looking as though he needs a good meat pie πŸ™‚ He’s going grey around his muzzle prematurely which belies his tender years. Not shy but a reserved lad who is still finding his feet with us. A real gentle soul who is taking everything in his stride so far, even his meeting with Bugley the terrier. Walks well on his lead and hasn’t given us a moments bother. A real nice boy πŸ™‚

  • Trigger

    Racing Name: Trigger Point

    Date of Birth: February 2021

    Stupidly handsome is this chap, unusual colouring and a big strong lad. We do think he knows he’s stunning, so you can’t help but like him although he needs to learn some manners yet! Friendly and sociable but does go out of the gate for his walks like a bullet, soon settles once out but needs to learn to control his enthusiasm. Soon settled with the terrier once the initial over-excitement wore off but to be fair Bugley the terrier is more than a little over-excited himself! Trigger is only just out af racing and still just a youngster, so should settle down given time and rules. A great chap but needs a capable owner who will show him that he needs to start using his brain and not his brawn lol A typical ‘lad’ .

  • Vera

    Racing Name: Droopys Vibrant

    Date of Birth: June 2020

    Vera is an unassuming girl who can seem a little reserved on initial meetings. She is not a scared girl, just not over exuberant. She’s a little gem around the kennels and also out on her walks in the woods. She met Bugley the terrier and was a little shy with him but certainly no malice (at least on her part lol). A pretty girl who just needs the right home to shine and show her fun side. A really nice hound who may be overlooked due to her good manners.

  • Whitney

    Racing Name: Hollyoak Whitney

    Date of Birth: October 2018

    Acts like a 2 year old does our Whitney, think she’s still decompressing from being a racing girl to a retired one. However she walks nicely and enjoys a good fuss. She was over-excited by our little dogs but we think she needs time to adjust to retirement and enjoy the slower pace of life it brings. A bright girl who picks things up quickly so we’ve every hope that with a bit of guidance and patience she can morph into her inner couch potato lol. New in and will update as she settles.