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  • Bestie

    Racing Name: Yahoo Best

    Date of Birth: September 2021

    Bestie is beyond shy on initial meetings, the world is such a scary place 🙁 Can’t imagine how he got on racing tbh, he did only have 8 races and didn’t win any of them – guess that’s why such a young lad has ‘retired’. He is however a super looking little chap and after a few days has started greeting me with enthusiasm and a super waggy tail, so just needs the right person to gain his trust and help him with the transition from kennel dog to the perfect pet. Needs a quieter home with no or older children who can respect his initial reticence. May benefit from a confident dog already in the home to show him the ropes, not necessarily a grey. As his name suggests we think he will make the BEST pet in the right home 🙂

  • Champ

    Racing Name: Maree Champion

    Date of Birth: August 2021

    What a handsome boy and although quite enthusiastic, he has good manners to go with his good looks. Loves his walks and walks well, so fast becoming a favorite with the walkers – it’s always nice when they are obviously having a good time 🙂 We’ve not had time to get him out and about yet but we’ve high hopes for this chap.

  • Patsy

    Racing Name: Run on Patsy

    Date of Birth: March 2020

    A pretty little girl but a big personality! Quick to reprimand any grey who invades her space, just a warning to leave her alone. Settles well with her kennel mates once she has set down the boundaries, knows her own mind this girl 🙂 Can be a little strong out walking as she loves a squirrel! Walked in a harness which sorts this out. Not a super difficult girl, just needs some time and rules. Early days and she is settling down already.