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  • Patsy

    Racing Name: Run on Patsy

    Date of Birth: March 2020

    A pretty little girl but a big personality! Patsy loves humans and is a real love bug. Quick to reprimand any grey or any dog (the reaction is the same to any breed) who invades her space, just a warning to leave her alone. Settles well with her kennel mates once she has set down the boundaries, knows her own mind this girl 🙂 Can be a little strong out walking as she loves a squirrel! Not a super difficult girl, just needs some time and rules.

  • Ping

    Racing Name: Weeping Sky

    Date of Birth: February 2018

    Ping has been in a home and has returned due to a change in his owners circumstances. A laid back, friendly boy who is a joy to handle. He’s not a fan of other breeds but will happily ignore if they give him his space, he doesn’t really like other greyhounds encroaching on his space either but again will happily co-exist if they leave him alone. A super chap with much to give as an only dog and with humans who understand his need for distance from other dogs 🙂