2020 Update

What a year it has been, who would have thought back in January 2020 that a terrible virus was imminent and our lives would be changed completely.

The impact of this has of course effected daily life at Dunrunnin kennels, in lockdown, not in lockdown, in Tier 2, no now you are in Tier 4, you can re-home dogs, no you can’t rehome dogs. Sadly at the moment we ‘can’t re-home’.

But the kennels haven’t been idle, back in the late spring/early summer, the mammoth job of painting the fencing began, those fence panels seemed endless!

Kennel doors painted, all external walls were painted white with a fresh blue trim.

David Todd did an outstanding job ‘dog proofing’ the kennels.

Wall re-plastered, obsolete wiring removed and a lovely painting by Ian Barclay was put up in the indoor kennel area,

While all this was going on our valuable core group of dog walkers made sure the hounds got exercised each day.

The Christmas Fundraiser was different this year as it was done online, well done to all involved for all your hard work, good news is that it raised a fantastic sum, bad news was there was no getting together, which was a shame as there is such a wonderful community at Dunrunnin, fingers crossed that this year we will be able to.

Dunrunnin Hounds attained its own charity status which means in time, is a work in progress, that it can be registered on Amazon Smile so any purchase made by you will benefit the kennels directly. Also Gift Aid now can be applied to any donations from your good selves

There will be a new web site…again a work in progress, with options to view our lovely hounds that need homes, purchase merchandise, view our Amazon wish list and make donations.

We thank each and every one of you for supporting Dunrunnin Hounds.

Lydia and her greyhound brother and sister

Two of our rehomed greyhounds had the pleasure of being read to by Lydia, their human sister.   We were so impressed by the pictures of the hounds listening to her read, we wondered if she would like to say a few words about when she reads to them.  Lydia said ‘I really enjoy reading to my greyhounds Hats and Chloe. I think they enjoy it also. We look forward to our time together. I love my dogs so much.’

We think Hats and Chloe love you very much too Lydia.  Thank you so much for your picture and telling us about your time.



Woof for Cancer event – Dulwich Park 13th May 2018

Gus and Hope (along with humans Rebecca and Donna) represented the kennels at the Woof for Cancer day held on 13th May at Dulwich Park.  They behaved impeccably, even though Gus was very keen to play with the balls that were being thrown for all of the other dogs on the walk, and told everyone he wanted to play.

Fundraising with the Co-op

Huge thanks to the staff and customers of our local co-op who raised a total of £2783.64 for our hounds over the last year. We were delighted to receive your cheque this weekend. The money will make a huge difference to our kennel.

Two of our volunteers took kennel favourites Zara and Yara to the presentation. As you can see, their mince pie radars are in full working order! A good time was had by all and we are very grateful for your generosity.

Thank you Hill’s

We’d like to say a big thank you to the team at Hill’s pet food for their donation of a whole pallet of kibble. The hounds are all really enjoying it and are now even more excited for dinner time! Kennel favourite, Patch, even ran through his entire repertoire of party tricks in the hopes of getting seconds! Here he is (on the left) putting an end to the myth that greyhounds can’t sit. Meanwhile, Cash (on the right) has worked out that there’s more where that came from in the big bag!

Both our boys are still looking for their forever sofas and would love to have some visitors. Why not come and see them next time you’re in the area? Cash loves meeting new people and Patch would be only too pleased to show off his latest moves!

Dunrunnin’s Day Out

Dunrunnin had a great day out visiting Mount Mascal's fun day over the bank holiday weekend. Humans and dogs alike enjoyed meeting new people and basking in the summer sun.

Misty at Mount Mascal
The team at Mount Mascal

Some of our volunteer team escaped the kennels for the day and made the most of the holiday sunshine. In between all the sunbathing and eating of candy floss, we got to chat to lots of potential greyhound owners and a few familiar faces too!

The dogs had an even better time than the humans. There were lots of new sights to see, smells to sniff and so many friends to make!

The dogs had a great day!
Dilly the Champion!

We even found time to enter into the dog show and we're super proud of Dilly who was judged runner-up Best in Show! Here's the champion herself, cooling off and basking in her success. It's her very first outing with us and she did extraordinarily well, so we're expecting great things from her.

Thanks so much to everyone who came along to support us, and to our volunteers for making the day such a success. We're looking forward to a repeat performance!

Jane and Misty

Goodbye Pearl

We are all saddened by the recent passing of Pearl, a much-loved member of the Dunrunnin family.

After a long and distinguished racing career, Pearl joined us last year and was quickly adopted by two of our regular volunteers, John and Lesley. She then went on to pass her Pets as Therapy qualification with flying colours. As a certified therapy dog, her calm nature and gentle disposition brought comfort and support to many people in their time of need. She represented the Greyhound Trust at national events and was a regular fixture in our tea hut.

Pearl was an outstanding dog who has left a lasting impression in the hearts of so many. We will all miss her very much.


Thank You Bovis Homes

Yummy cakes for sale!

A big thank you to Bovis Homes, who raised a fantastic £128.08 with their charity cake sale last week, not to mention bags and bags of toys, treats and other assorted goodies for our hounds. We are all very grateful for your support and the dogs really enjoy their new tea hut toys!

Now that Glen has left, we decided to put Buddy in charge of quality-testing all the new treats and toys. You'll be glad to hear that they all met with his approval and more! Here he is with his snazzy new collar giving you all a big thank you grin!

We hope you enjoyed eating lots of delicious cake. Thanks again!

Buddy says thanks

Exclusive Dunrunnin Collars

There's no better time for a doggy makeover than the summertime! Our greyhounds at the kennels have all been getting ready for the hot weather (!) by shedding their winter coats. Poor Karen has lost count of the number of times she's had to sweep out the tea hut! Now they're all looking very glamorous, sunbathing in the yard in their sleek summer coats.

Of course, a glamorous dog needs a glamorous collar and it just so happens that we have some for sale! A very lovely and talented friend of ours has handmade a selection of martingale collars just for us. These collars are exclusive to Dunrunnin and -- as they're handmade -- each one is unique. We are offering them for sale at the bargain price of £12.50 each, with a portion of each sale going to our kennel. These collars are only available to friends of our kennel; you won't find them anywhere else.

In addition to our collars, we also have matching bandanas for sale at £8 each.

If you'd like to buy one (or several), please send us an email with your name and which design(s) you'd like. To keep things simple, we won't be posting them out, so you'll have to drop in for tea to pick them up -- please bring cash with you. These are super-limited edition and once they're gone, they're gone. Be quick and snag yours before our stocks run out!

Grey Snowmen

Available: 5

Grey Snowmen Bandana

Available: 5

Red Snowmen

Available: 5

Green Father Christmas

Available: 5

Matching Bandanas

Please specify either red snowmen or green Father Christmas.

Available: 10


Available: 9

Skull and Crossbones

Available: 10

Black Skulls and Roses

Available: 10


Available: 10

Yellow Skulls and Roses

Available: 9

New Paddocks

Our yard during the building works

As many of you will know, we have been saving up for a long time so that we could refurbish our old, dilapidated paddocks.

For those who have never visited, paddocks take up most of our yard space and are the first thing you see when you come in to the kennel. They are fenced-off, outdoor areas where we let the dogs out for some fresh air and exercise.

Because they were very old, the concrete slabs which made up the floor had worn very smooth -- so smooth that the dogs weren't able to play without slipping over! Together with the uneven ground and an old, neglected tree stump, this made our yard pretty hazardous for hounds and humans alike.

Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, we hit our fundraising target and got the builders in immediately!

It was a stressful fortnight while work was carried out, but we are all delighted with the result. The new surface is lovely and even, and no longer acts like a skating rink when it rains. Best of all, the dogs are finally able to have a proper game outside. We love watching them playing together and having fun.

Our lovely new paddocks
Kenny says thanks for your donations!

We'd like to say a huge thank you to all of our supporters, including the Greyhound Board of Great Britain, Support Adoption for Pets and our local Co-op, without whom this would never have been possible. This has already made such a positive impact on our dogs' quality of life and will continue to do so for years to come. Just look how happy Kenny is on the left there!

And before you go, take a minute to enjoy this video of Jed and River enjoying their first time out in their new outdoor space. It's guaranteed to brighten your day!