Breed: Lurcher

Age: Approx 16 months

Yep another non greyhound sneaked in 🙂 His name definitely suits him, he’s a bit of a lad but you couldn’t meet a more cuddly dog. A bit strong out walking still but easily remedied with a halti. He has been going to obedience training and is progressing well. Dave knows basic commands and has the ability to learn much more. His problem is that he has a very short attention span as everything is sooo exciting!  He’s not much more than a baby really and this will improve the more he does. Dave has been home with one of our volunteers and is clean in the house, is crate trained and will happily sleep downstairs on his own. Keeping him off the sofa may be more of a work in progress!! If you’re looking for a more active dog and are willing to put in some training – Dave is your guy 🙂

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