Dunrunnin at Race for Life

Lou and Kenny

Here at Dunrunnin, we rely on our small army of volunteers to keep the day-to-day running of the kennels on track. Because we value their contributions so much, we like to ply them with cakes and biscuits to make sure they don't waste away before each of our dogs has had their daily walk. Some might say that we're engaging in a thinly veiled form of sugar-based bribery, but we beg to differ. It's just not possible to walk over thirty dogs without opening a single packet of custard creams.

Therefore, we're hugely proud of our volunteer, Lou, who ran the Blackheath 5k at the weekend to raise money for Cancer Research - and all without a single jammy dodger in sight! We were slightly concerned for her welfare, though, so we sent along Kenny to make sure she didn't get into too much trouble.

Unlike our other hounds, Kenny isn't an ex-racer, but he caught on quickly and was soon having the time of his life. He has more energy than our greyhounds, so he loved the opportunity to get out and give his legs a proper stretch. And he even found time to make friends with some passing policemen.

We're so pleased with the way Kenny has come on since he came to us having been abandoned by the side of the road. We suspect that he'd never walked on a lead in his former life and at first he was understandably shaken by his experiences. He's now a happy, friendly boy and a proud Dunrunnin ambassador who is looking for his forever home.

Could you be Kenny's permanent jogging partner? Perhaps you have boisterous children or teenagers who'd love a playmate. Or maybe there's a dog-shaped space in your home that Kenny could help fill. Please contact us or drop in for a visit. Kenny would love to meet you (and we have cake)!

Lou and Kenny at the race
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