Dunrunnin at Race for Life

Lou and Kenny

Here at Dunrunnin, we rely on our small army of volunteers to keep the day-to-day running of the kennels on track. Because we value their contributions so much, we like to ply them with cakes and biscuits to make sure they don't waste away before each of our dogs has had their daily walk. Some might say that we're engaging in a thinly veiled form of sugar-based bribery, but we beg to differ. It's just not possible to walk over thirty dogs without opening a single packet of custard creams.

Therefore, we're hugely proud of our volunteer, Lou, who ran the Blackheath 5k at the weekend to raise money for Cancer Research - and all without a single jammy dodger in sight! We were slightly concerned for her welfare, though, so we sent along Kenny to make sure she didn't get into too much trouble.

Unlike our other hounds, Kenny isn't an ex-racer, but he caught on quickly and was soon having the time of his life. He has more energy than our greyhounds, so he loved the opportunity to get out and give his legs a proper stretch. And he even found time to make friends with some passing policemen.

We're so pleased with the way Kenny has come on since he came to us having been abandoned by the side of the road. We suspect that he'd never walked on a lead in his former life and at first he was understandably shaken by his experiences. He's now a happy, friendly boy and a proud Dunrunnin ambassador who is looking for his forever home.

Could you be Kenny's permanent jogging partner? Perhaps you have boisterous children or teenagers who'd love a playmate. Or maybe there's a dog-shaped space in your home that Kenny could help fill. Please contact us or drop in for a visit. Kenny would love to meet you (and we have cake)!

Lou and Kenny at the race

A new partnership

Recently, Dunrunnin was delighted to send representatives to attend the launch of Greenhithe’s newest Co-op. Jake and Mia, along with some two-legged companions, braved the cold wind and drizzle in order to spread the word about our kennels. Don’t worry though – their hard work was rewarded with an extra tin of sardines for dinner. (For the dogs, that is. We did offer sardines to the humans, but they weren’t keen. Humans prefer biscuits.)

We’d like to say a big thank you to the Co-op for their donation of £250, which we’ll be putting towards the resurfacing of our paddocks. We’ll be partnering with this store throughout the year, so if you do find yourself in there, please don’t forget to nominate us as your chosen charity. Thank you!


A day at the kennels

Do you ever find yourself at a loose end on a Sunday morning? Do you wish for your own dog, even though you know the timing's not quite right? Maybe you feel like you should be getting more exercise, but you just can't bring yourself to join the gym. Or perhaps you just really like free biscuits.

Why not visit us and walk a greyhound or two?

That's exactly what Kath, our newest volunteer, decided to do. She enjoyed her time so much that she brought her whole family along. Now we have a whole clan of greyhound converts!

People have lots of different reasons for becoming dog walkers. Some of the most common are:

  • Spending quality time with the hounds, doing something they love. We're a small kennel, so you'll soon get to know each of the dogs individually.
  • For most of our dogs, their walk is the high point of their day. It's impossible not to smile when faced with a happy greyhound that can't wait to see you! And you'll go home knowing you've made a dog's day.
  • Nature! Fresh air! Exercise! Many of our volunteers find their time in the woods relaxing. At the very least, it's more interesting than the gym!
  • You'll meet like-minded people and quickly become part of the Dunrunnin team.
  • Free biscuits.

So, if you ever find yourself with a spare morning, why not come down and see us? There are no complicated application forms, no shifts to sign up for and no minimum commitment. You can show up once a week or once a year. In fact, you don't even need to let us know you're coming!

We want as many people as possible to share the fun with us so we try to be as flexible and welcoming as possible. Our current volunteer force includes working people, retired people, under-18s (with parent/guardian consent), work-experience candidates and Duke of Edinburgh scheme participants. We'd love to include you too!

Our dogs can't wait to see you! Visit us and make their day!

It’s cold outside!

Regular visitors will know that we have our own Arctic microclimate up on Dunrunnin hill. Like all greyhounds, our dogs really feel the cold, so we keep them wrapped up warm in cosy jackets.

This winter, they’ve been looking extra fashionable, as volunteer Julie and her mum June have been raiding the local charity shops for fleecy blankets and turning them into stunning coats. Doesn’t Missy here look fabulous in her new Moroccan-style number?

We’re very impressed by June and Julie’s mad sewing skills and would like to say a big thank you on behalf of our hounds. And if you’ve got some old fleece that you think could be repurposed into a custom-sewn greyhound warmer, please do get in touch. Thank you!

Fundraising with Pets at Home

If you’ve been wandering through Pets at Home in Sevenoaks recently, you might have spotted some familiar faces. As we are an official partner of the store, our dogs are regular visitors there. Accompanied by a dedicated volunteer, they act as ambassadors for the breed, helping to raise funds and awareness for us.

As a result of this partnership, the store nominated us for their Christmas appeal. Staff took part in extra fundraising efforts, and thousands of customers donated money to help make Christmas extra special for our hounds.

This weekend, we were delighted to collect a cheque for a grand total of £2719.46. This is a fantastic result, and we are over the moon! As we are such a tiny charity, this money will make a huge difference for us. We’re planning to put it towards the resurfacing of our outdoor paddocks, making them a lot safer for our dogs and our volunteers.

Many, many thanks to everyone who donated, to the staff at Sevenoaks Pets at Home, and to our volunteer fundraisers. Your generous support makes our work possible.

A room with a view

Regular visitors to Dunrunnin will have noticed something a little different about our kennels recently.

Thanks to the kindness and generosity of our supporters, we have been able to install windows in our kitchen kennels. It’s made a big difference for the dogs, who now have bright, airy homes to go back to after a long walk and a bit of squirrel-spotting. They enjoy peering out of the windows too, much to the amusement of anyone who happens to be passing.

We’re planning to paint the walls and perhaps install some floral curtains to make things more homely once spring is here. Glen here doesn’t mind that we’ve yet to get round to that, though. He clearly approves of the upgrade!

Of course, we just had to put the Chuckle Brothers in the luxury penthouse suite at the end of the corridor. They love lounging in their new batchelor pad.

Thank you so much for the many donations which have made this possible. As you can see, it’s made a big difference to the lives of our hounds. And as always, you’re very welcome to drop in and meet them in person. Our dogs love visitors!

Glen: the happy chap!

Here at Dunrunnin, we love all of our residents, but Glen has to be one of our favourites. He’s one big, silly, happy boy who just wants to have fun! Last week, he was lucky enough to stay with Jessica and her family in order to spend some quality time in a home environment. Here’s what she had to say about the experience:

My family spent some time with Glen recently to get a sense of his likes and dislikes.  During our time with Glen, we took him on a handful of walks and he slept over at our house.  He did really well in the house; he was a big ball of happy energy.  He bounced about making himself at home and responded quite well to positive reinforcement regarding going to the toilet outside.  Glen only turned 4 in September so he is still relatively young and, naturally, he’ll take time to acclimatise to life outside of the kennels but we think that he will make a wonderfully loyal pet.  He’s adorable.

Glen loved walks and attention and treats. He got on really well with our greyhound; he seemed to get on with everyone to be honest.

Glen was a gentle giant – lovely with the children.  We think that he would like teenage children too – boundless fun to be had.

Glen was a good boy on the lead.

True to form, Glen enjoyed squeaking toys and playing with the stuffed animals.

Glen loved snuggles on the sofa and TV time!

Here he is watching the box!

If you could offer Glen a loving home, please do get in touch or drop in and pay him a visit. He’d love to meet you!

Dunrunnin hits Sky Sports!

Amongst all the Christmas goings-on over the last few weeks, Dunrunnin were proud to host Julie Collier and a small team from Sky Sports. We were very excited to be able to show them round and let them know what we’re all about.


We sent them off with our volunteers to the woods, where they found out what it’s like to be a part of the Dunrunnin team. Along the way, they met our branch manager, Karen, and learnt a little about our rehoming process.

Of course, we couldn’t resist showing off our dogs as well. We think Julie was quite taken with kennel favourite, Katy, although sadly we weren’t able to persuade her to take her home. She’s still available for anyone else who fancies their very own lap greyhound, though!

If you’re interested in becoming one of our volunteers, please do drop us a line. We’d love to hear from you!

Merry Christmas!

Well, the biscuit tin is overflowing, the volunteers have been coaxing the dogs into increasingly silly costumes and the tea hut has been hit by a small tinsel explosion. It can only mean one thing: Christmas is here!

It’s been a busy year for us here at Dunrunnin. Thanks to your help, a record number of hounds have found their forever homes. Your donations mean that the kennels are being upgraded as we speak (watch this space for the grand unveiling). Our Amazon wishlist has really taken off and we love opening all the exciting parcels of goodies. And of course, we couldn’t do anything without our small army of volunteers!

We are so grateful for the support we have received, and we’d like to take this opportunity to wish all our friends a merry Christmas and a happy New Year. Please enjoy this picture of Norman in his santa hat as a small token of our appreciation.



The Great Global Greyhound Walk

img_1250On Sunday 19th June 2016 55 people walked 73 hounds to raise funds for Dunrunnin at Riverside Country Park.

After a week of rain the sun came out and a great time was had by all.

The event was attended by 12 dogs from our current crop at thekennels and it was great to catch up with so many of our old hounds and supporters that have given fantastic homes to our hounds in the past.

Our thanks go to John Homer and his team from the RGT Medway Support Group for facilitating this walk and making it such a success.

Our thanks also go to our army of volunteers for supplying refreshments and organising the event.

Everybody can now rest and get ready for next year!!