About Us

Dunrunnin Rehoming Kennels was founded by Karen Farley in September 2013, creating a new Brands Hatch Branch for the Greyhound Trust. Along with her team of volunteers, Karen has worked hard to improve the lives of retired racing greyhounds by matching them with the perfect home.

We are always ready for a cup of tea and a chat about our favourite dogs! Why not pop in and find out more about adopting a dog from us, or becoming a volunteer?

Some of the people you might meet on your visit are:

Karen Farley, Branch Manager

Karen Farley, Branch Manager

Karen is the kennel's hard-working founder. She has been working with and training dogs for over 30 years, and had competed in both dog obedience and dog agility classes. Karen’s dedication to the welfare and happiness of the hounds in her care is reflected in her hands-on approach to running the rehoming center. Her day starts at 5am, and she is the last to leave the kennels at the end of the day, once all of her β€˜smurfs’ are nicely tucked up in bed!

Geoff Hough, Second in Command!

Meet Geoff, our second in command at DunRunnin Kennels! Geoff has a lifetime of experience with Greyhounds, having spent many years as a Greyhound owner.

Now that Geoff is retired himself, he has time to give something back to this amazing breed, and volunteers at DunRunnin on Mondays and Tuesdays, when he runs the kennels for Karen, to give her a well deserved rest!

Geoff has an endless supply of funny Greyhound stories, and has lots of useful hints and tips to help settle Greyhounds in their new homes.

Geoff Hough, Second in Command
Bev & Alex, Branch Volunteers

Bev & Alex, Branch Volunteers

Having just recently moved to the area, Bev & Alex decided to try volunteering at DunRunnin as they love dogs, and thought it would be a great way to meet new friends in the local area. Luckily for us, Bev and Alex have enjoyed their time so much, that they’ve really become part of the furniture, and come to us twice a week, come rain or shine, to walk the hounds and help out at the kennels. They are also part of out stalwart home-checking team and in the time they have left are regulars at the local greyhound walks with some of our kennel hounds, as well as manning 'meet and greets' around the local area. And Alex thought he'd slow down in retirement!!!!

Lou, Branch Volunteer

"These greyhounds are more than a part of my life, they have taken a part of my heart, which I am more than happy to give. They are such wonderful dogs, everyday they make me smile and laugh, and I feel very privileged to work so closely with them and spend so much time with such beautiful, loving animals."

Lou is fast becoming an inherent part of our kennel life, who knows she may soon be the face of Dunrunnin πŸ™‚

Sophie and Teddy enjoying the woods!

Megan Bedford, Kennel Staff & all round good egg

Megan (here with Granger) originally came at the tender age of 14 and never left! Now a pivotal part of the DunrunninTeam we can't imagine the kennels without her. She has, over the years, learnt all about our quirky hounds and for such a young lady has a wealth of knowledge which is put to use everyday here πŸ™‚ Megan is always cheerful and we are so lucky to have her as a stalwart of our team πŸ™‚

Lauren Smith Kennel Staff

If you follow Tiktok you'll know Lauren already. Lauren is not only great handling the hounds but is the brains behind most of our social media posts along with Megan (just as well as the rest of us are far too old to understand it!). Lauren is probably the most enthusiastic person you'll ever meet, she loves the dogs and comes from a background of both rescue and grooming so has a wealth of knowledge to impart despite her tender years πŸ™‚ Lauren is a vital member of the team and we hope, now that her little family is growing up, that she'll have more time to devote to the hounds in our care.

Sophie and Teddy enjoying the woods!

Sophie Morrison, Branch Volunteer & IT Girl

Sophie (shown here with Cash, who is clearly beating her in the selfie stakes) is best known for her ability to hear a kettle boiling at fifty paces. She began volunteering here in 2015 after hearing rumours about free cake and is now responsible for this website.

When she is not keeping the techie stuff up to date with Donna, or eating all Karen's biscuits, she sometimes walks a dog or two.

Donna Notcutt, Branch Volunteer & IT Girl No. 2!

Donna started just bringing Becca to the kennels so that she could complete her Duke of Edinburgh award, but like all Dunrunnin volunteers she fell in love with greyhounds and now helps out when she can, keeping the website up to date and replying to emails, performing home checks or even filling in for one of the kennel hands.

Here she is pictured with Worf, who was posing beautifully until this was taken!

Donna and Worf having a cuddle!

The Dynamic Duo

Kath & Gordon are now stalwarts at the kennels. Gordon can turn his hand to anything and not only makes the lovely 'Love Murphy' Martingale collars that we sell but also deals with our maintenance problems with a smile. Kath is the best superviser he's ever had πŸ™‚ and is our go to lady for outside the box ideas and an honest opinion!! Both also walk on a regular basis, unfortunately for them they do get our more 'interesting' inmates to walk!! πŸ™‚ They can also be called on at short notice for emergency vet/pickup trips - what would we do without you xx

Paragon Pair

Dave & Julie are another of our couples who have become indispensable at the kennels. Dave (despite his dour demeanour) takes on our maintenance jobs and after consideration always comes up with a solution πŸ™‚ Julie makes us wonderful fleece coats to sell and happily repairs our damaged coats for our kennel greys πŸ™‚ Julie walks for us too and Dave makes great cakes to keep us going! They have also been coerced into fostering for us and in the picture can be seen with our 'Fred the feet', who has ongoing health issues. We appreciate you guys - as does Fred xx

Pearly Poodle

Pearly has taken over as our small dog tester. She comes across as a shy and retiring girl, where in truth she can be a bit of a lioness!! She will tolerate all the greyhound sniffs and pokes but cross the line and you get to see the feisty girl she is, takes some of our hounds by complete surprise lol. Seen here with her brothers Max & Dobby, Pearly rules the roost! Thankyou Pearl for your contribution to the cause.