A room with a view

Regular visitors to Dunrunnin will have noticed something a little different about our kennels recently.

Thanks to the kindness and generosity of our supporters, we have been able to install windows in our kitchen kennels. It’s made a big difference for the dogs, who now have bright, airy homes to go back to after a long walk and a bit of squirrel-spotting. They enjoy peering out of the windows too, much to the amusement of anyone who happens to be passing.

We’re planning to paint the walls and perhaps install some floral curtains to make things more homely once spring is here. Glen here doesn’t mind that we’ve yet to get round to that, though. He clearly approves of the upgrade!

Of course, we just had to put the Chuckle Brothers in the luxury penthouse suite at the end of the corridor. They love lounging in their new batchelor pad.

Thank you so much for the many donations which have made this possible. As you can see, it’s made a big difference to the lives of our hounds. And as always, you’re very welcome to drop in and meet them in person. Our dogs love visitors!

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